Sunday, September 19, 2010

Update Of The Page!

So I decided to do any update about any rally information here. I will keep you informed on when the rally is, where it is. Sorry about the older page.


  1. Given the very short timeline to this event, you guys better disseminate information about the rally presto! You are losing momentum, and it would be a real pity, real waste, if this turns out to be a hoax...

  2. A hoax? Well its one of those weird things that The Colbert Report and The Daily Show are based on manufactured premises, a "Fake" Conservative bloviator and a "Fake" News show. So its understandable that anything they do would be considered unreal or hyper real. Wrestling has a similar dilemma.

    In fact watching the announcement - seeing Jon & Stephen hype the crowd constantly referencing the Main Event date, it was reminiscent of a wrestling promo. An epic battle between light and dark represented by two babyfaces, the challenge of not succumbing to fear - Its Wrestlemania 25, HBK vs Undertaker all over again.

  3. sheez guys, PLZ try a text color other than black on black!